Links 5-4-2024

Farmers Who Don’t Curb Emissions May End Up Paying, Banker Says

WEF speaker warns every time we drink coffee, we are ‘putting CO2 into the atmosphere’

Blue state’s bag ban meant to protect environment backfires at staggering rate

Individually wrapped cheese could be targeted under New York legislation

FDA has finalized a rule allowing certain clinical trials to operate without obtaining informed consent from participants

Brand name of an inhaler many kids need for their asthma is abt to be discontinued, and multiple insurers (including some public insurances in my state) are refusing to cover the generic

Obesity org chair calls for measuring waistlines of 5-year-olds, fining employers for larger workers

2018: Pizzas must shrink or lose their toppings under government’s anti-obesity plan

Women who have one fallopian tube removed can still get pregnant with eggs from either ovary.

Study: The Impact of Suppressing Puberty on Neuropsychological Function

We Finally Know The Full Extent of Space Destroying Astronauts’ Red Blood Cells

Google will update Maps to prevent authorities from accessing location history data

Ad Company Claims ‘It’s True. Your Devices Are Listening to You’

How grocery stores are becoming data brokers

Video: Rite Aid to face five-year facial recognition technology ban

Experimenting on the Innocent: The U.S. Army’s Secret Chemical Testing in the 1950s & 1960s

Colorado company banned from producing fake documents

From next month, secondary school pupils in the Netherlands will no longer be able to use their phones in the classroom

Crime Pays: San Diego County woman arrested in $8M shoplifting ring targeting Ulta Beauty stores

A teen hacked Nvidia, got arrested, was released on bail under police supervision. Police confiscated his laptop and put him in a motel room. He then used the Amazon fire stick connected to his motel room TV to hack Rockstar and steal GTA 6 clips

23andMe was hacked with the profile data of Ashkenazi Jews specifically targeted in the breach

What Really Happened to George Floyd?

Chicago-area Tesla charging stations lined with dead cars in freezing cold

Ford Loses $36,000 On Every F-150 Lightning Sold

California Bill Calls for Tech to Make New Cars Unable to Speed

Hacking voting machines in court

Links 3/10/24

Global Warming predictions keep failing because! Plants absorb CO2.

Twelve billionaires’ climate emissions outpollute 2.1m homes, analysis finds

CNBC has “dismantled its climate desk” amid layoffs and will no longer have a dedicated team to cover our impending doom

The 2022 Hunga Tonga eruption massively impacted the atmosphere. But to keep the climate hoax alive, researchers scrupulously avoid linking those atmospheric impacts with 2023’s crazy weather.

A coalition of over 3,000 US auto dealers are now demanding Biden “tap the breaks” on his Executive Orders on EVs. They not only ARE NOT SELLING, they can’t even get people to test drive them

“Congress at the urging of the Biden administration agreed in 2021 to spend $7.5 billion to build tens of thousands of electric vehicle chargers across the country, aiming to appease anxious drivers while tackling climate change. Two years later, the program has yet to install a single charger.”

No Shit. Electric vehicles less reliable than gas-powered cars, trucks: Consumer Reports

“Nissan, for example, says they can collect information about your sexual activity,” Caltrider said. “Kia says they can collect information about your sex life. I think there were four companies that say they can collect genetic information.”

For parents who have kids dx with ADHD – this was interesting. 75% of kids are started on meds without any parent coaching on behavior training. New research suggests that all kids should be started with parent behavior training (PBT) first.

Employers don’t value college degrees as much as originally thought, recent survey data shows, and the disdain is behind a restored appreciation for blue-collar job-seekers that bring skill and experience over education.

NYC Will Sell Your Car From Under You 10 Days After It’s Towed

Senator Expresses ‘Serious Concerns‘ About Secretive White House Program That Tracks Americans’ Phone Records

A court decision that deemed New York State isolation and quarantine procedures unconstitutional has been reversed. They can now take you away for mandatory quarantine and isolation for any virus at their sole discretion. No court date, no option to fight it. No age limit and no time limit for your quarantine. And they can use any experimental treatment on you.

Red Meat and Dairy are GOOD again!

Wait, meat is bad! Every American who sets foot in the UN from henceforth should do so carrying a bucket of KFC in their arms and just go to town while in meetings.

The key to good sperm is having high quality nuts

“…the incidence of self-reported COVID-19 was 40% higher in those wearing face masks almost always or always, compared to participants who reported wearing face masks never or almost never.”

Penetration of cloth masks by particles was almost 97% and medical masks 44%.

Child mask mandates for COVID-19: a systematic review -“current body of scientific data does not support masking children for protection against COVID”.

Scientists conduct study to prove HEPA filters reduce rates of Covid infection, accidentally find the opposite

Kevin McKernan loses entire database of research after NZ health service obtains an injunction to prevent sharing of leaked Covid vax health data

MIS-C was found to occur *pre-COVID* and *is not specific to SARS-CoV2.* Can be caused by regular seasonal human coronaviruses

New concerning study of covid vax safety in kids All data from randomized trials 17,538 in vax group 8011 in placebo Vax group had 3.8x risk of severe adverse events (5-17yrs) 3x risk of lower respiratory infection(6m-5yrs)

Covid lockdowns had ‘catastrophic effect’ on UK’s social fabric, report claims

every couple years, the media finds some “new” disease sensation and tries to run a scare story with it:

NYC Republican city council member was charged with carrying a gun in a “prohibited place.” The next day she goes to turn herself and the gun in but removes the recoil spring before doing so.

There is no voting fraud: An Iowa county supervisor’s wife has been convicted on 52 counts of voter fraud for ballot-stuffing to help her husband win the nomination for Congress.

These students literally terrorized a teacher because they looked at her Facebook post and they’re very proud of it.

Proposed Irish hate speech regulations could have a chilling effect on freedom. Up to 12 months in prison for refusing to give password to your devices if suspected of committing hate speech. 12 months for refusing to allow the State read messages between you and your spouse. It’s authoritarian.

Unless you are wealthy, Americans can say goodbye to having a private doctor to consult due to shortages

In California, and here in Detroit, convenience stores have armed security meet the trucks before they can unload. An armed security guard protecting a large cigarette delivery at a 7-11 in Oakland was surrounded by armed black suspects who stole his firearm and the contents of the truck.

Your cell phone photos are AI manipulated, which means they may no longer be useful as evidence in a court of law

House Republican Confirms that Certain J6 Committee Videos Have ‘Vanished’

Twitter thread: Good morning and welcome to Twitter Law School. Today’s topic is spoliation and this is absolutely a matter that is important yet boring.

Two hundred and seven years after it was started in this Herkimer Count village and two years after their new private equity owners said they weren’t leaving, Remington Arms is packing up its New York state gun factory and moving it to Georgia.”

Jussie Smollett headed back to jail after conviction upheld by appeals court in hate crime hoax

DOJ just fined a Christian Tennessee trucking company $700,000 for asking workers to prove that they’re legal by showing green cards.

Disciplinary judge approves lawyer’s suspension for using ChatGPT to generate fake cases

The real loss of shoplifting: Why America’s ‘great rip-off’ hurts everyone

America’s first congestion pricing program is taking shape in New York City, where drivers could pay $15 to enter some of the busiest streets in Manhattan as soon as next spring

Appellate court stays prison sentence of Doug Mackey, the man convicted for 2016 Hillary meme

Breast Cancer Incidence After a False-Positive Mammography Result

Gallup Study: Teenagers more likely to be mentally healthy if their parents are conservative

The Obama administration wanted more black air traffic controllers. So they designed a new test where you got extra points if you got bad grades in high school science or you’ve been unemployed for a long time

Anti-plagiarism policies ‘harm Black and Latinx students,’ professor argues

….AAAAAND! Thats enough depression for one weekend.

Bread baking

I mostly don’t worry to much about what my bread looks like, as long as its tasty.

But every now and then a loaf turns out so pretty I have to share.

This morning’s bake: a pair of mini, mostly white, sourdough loaves:

Links 11/18/2023

Wind Turbine Dump

But it is right wing conspiracy theory that gas stoves will be banned!

The great electric vehicle revolution in one video.

NYers face skyrocketing costs to switch to electric heat under new ‘green’ policies: study

The results imply that the effect of man-made CO2 emissions does not appear to be sufficiently strong to cause systematic changes in the pattern of the temperature fluctuations. In other words, our analysis indicates that with the current level of knowledge, it seems impossible to determine how much of the temperature increase is due to emissions of CO2.

Viagra could slash alzheimer’s risk (wait, wasn’t it just last year that off label drug use was bad??)

Expired drug research, more, more, more

Belgium plans temporary ban on use of Ozempic for weight loss

UK: using the wrong gender pronouns will land you in jail

Swim competition allows a 50-year-old biological male to swim with 13 year-old girls

Jiu Jitsu Tournament Features All-Male Women’s Podiums in Georgia

Lawmakers probe VA’s failure to compensate vaccine-injured veterans

Pfizer press release: adolescent males at risk of heart problems from covid vax

Covid shots may slightly increase risk of stroke in older adults, particularly when administered with certain flu vaccines

The Justice Department has just posted a new jobs ad — it’s looking for eight new attorneys to defend the federal government in vaccine injury cases. 

D.C. Council Repeals COVID Vaccine Mandate For Public School Students

A new study found child care centers are an unlikely source for spreading COVID-19, leading researchers to suggest the current testing and isolation recommendations can be revised to align with those for other serious respiratory viruses

Why Did the New York City Medical Examiner Process 11,000 Deaths in Three Days

FDA’s Peter Marks admits current vaccines don’t reduce transmission in a meaningful way.

The House Energy & Commerce Committee sent a letter to the CDC Director yesterday, looking for answers about how the CDC has counted pediatric Covid deaths

Our findings suggest that lockdowns and other restrictions we experienced during the pandemic have had a real lasting impact on brain health in people aged 50 or over, even after the lockdowns ended

Pfizer study on the safety of the vax during pregnancy reduced in size and then results delayed

Totally Covid’s fault

Report finds FDA keeps both a private and an incomplete public version of VAERS reporting system for vaccine injuries.

2018: Among children there was an increase in the hazard of ARI caused by non-influenza respiratory pathogens post-influenza vaccination compared to unvaccinated children during the same period

The flu doesn’t do that!!!!…..(twitter thread)

ACIP voted last week to add the JYNNEOS Mpox vaccine to the child/adolescent schedule and to the Vaccines for Children (VFC) program for “persons aged 18 years and older at risk for mpox”

Flesh-Eating Parasite Fatal in up to 95% Of Cases Now Endemic in US, CDC Warns

Is boosting bone mass through pharmacotherapy really the best way to prevent fractures in the elderly?

The American Heart Association sabotages its own predictive algorithm by no longer including race of the patient in order to to affirm the trendy dogma that race does not exist biologically

How many times has the UK done this now? Life support removed from child even though another country is willing to pay for medical care.

If you had a procedure done at Salem Hospital in MA between June 2021 and April 2023 you need to go find a good lawyer

FBI’s Washington Field Office explicitly made the decision to let a child pornographer go free to focus on January 6 defendants, they admitted in court docs.

All 44,000 hours of footage from January 6th has been publicly released by House Speaker Mike Johnson.

The federal government has mandated that all vehicles sold after 2026 must have a kill switch that can disable your vehicle based on your driving performance. Amendment to stop this failed.

Did the Entire Media Industry Misquote a Hamas Spokesperson?

Kathy Hochul announced that New York is “collecting data” from “surveillance efforts” on social media Hochul says the social media analysis unit will contact people who commit “hate speech”

Its Ok To Be White is a hate message

NY Governor signs ‘Clean Slate Act’, sealing criminal records for employment, housing applications

Protestors block Bay Bridge, organs for transplant delayed


Dozens of bird names honoring enslavers and racists will be changed (web archive link, be patient with it loading)

I guess this is one way to wipe the internet of evidence

How long before they start requiring armed guards on shipping transports?

Teachers will now be able to live and work under one roof at school

Study Shows We are Born Creative Geniuses but the “Education” System Dumbs Us Down

Investigation is underway at a New Jersey high school after reports surfaced of students using artificial intelligence to manipulate real photos to create pornographic images of classmates

Trump has 34 felony charges pending while Biden walks just like Hillary for doing mostly the same thing

Voting machines have been shut down in several Pennsylvania districts due to votes getting flipped.

Truck dashcam footage shows farmer dodging bullets as he saved 120 from music festival

Signal would leave UK if forced by privacy bill

A Personal Flying Vehicle Prototype Can Fly You at 160 MPH

Ohio Auto Shop Employees Use Forklift to Stop a Car Thief in Mid-Air

Humans who look alike also act alike

The correlation between adopted brothers and sisters (genetically unrelated people raised together) shows that the IQ correlation between them falls to zero in adulthood — suggesting shared childhood environment has no impact on intelligence in adulthood.

Significant Neuroanatomical Variation Among Domestic Dog Breeds

Bulletproof vest clad volunteers try to get Israeli dairy farms functioning again

Links 10/29/23

Cyber attacks on businesses continue. Medical. Transport, more. Manufacturing, more.

NIH-Funded Study Just Vaccinated A Human Using Genetically Modified Mosquitoes

The FDA’s approval of Pfizer’s maternal RSV vaccine has omitted key data and is problematic

The Annual COVID19 Booster

Covid Vaccine Makers’ Stocks Crash To Multiyear Lows Monday As Sales Keep Sliding

Covid infection correlates with a lower subsequent rate of hospitalization for other infectious diseases.

School Closures and Student Health

N95 Covid masks may expose wearers to dangerous level of toxic compounds linked to seizures and cancer

CDC Data: COVID “Deaths” Plummeted Once Federal Money for Hospitals Ran Out

Was SARS-CoV-2 or Pneumonia the primary cause of respiratory Covid-19 deaths

COVID19 Therapeutics & Boosters all need new studies

Trudeau regime puts Canadian detective on trial for investigating link between infant deaths and mRNA vaccines

A Series of posts on the supposed death toll in NYC in spring of 2020

Remember when the FDA tweeted to tell people to stop taking ivermectin because “you are not a horse”? (twitter thread)

The Vice of Spice

US suicides hit an all-time high last year

Our thesis is that a primary cause of the rise in mental disorders is a decline over decades in opportunities for children and teens to play, roam, and engage in other activities independent of direct oversight and control by adults.

Oregon removes writing, reading, and math mastery from high school graduation requirements

Grand Canyon tourists exposed for years to radiation in museum building, safety manager says

D.C. to pay $5.1 million settlement after judge finds Second Amendment violations

Adderall Shortages Are Dragging On—Can Video Games Help (excuse me while I laugh out loud)

Ethical boundaries in medical decision-making can be blurred by circumstances

Won’t that remove oxygen? (article is behind a paywall, link is to twitter thread)

Your ceiling fan is a threat to the environment

Man forced to ditch Ford EV truck during family road trip to Chicago

‘Eco-Friendly’ Paper Straws Contain Harmful PFAS Chemicals

Brazen bandit uses blowtorch to steal $448 in skin care products from NYC Walgreens: video

Retailers Lost Billions of Dollars to Shoplifters in 2022

Thieves steal $300k worth of gift cards from GenCon

41% of French population is in favour of a proposal to limit everyone to 4 flights in their entire life.

Zoom wanted to use your calls to train AI, but the backlash made them change their minds (supposedly)

Tom Hanks says AI version of him used in dental plan ad without his consent

Louisiana Man Cleared to Sue Cops After SWAT Raid Over Facebook Joke

The Revolt of Religious Parents in Montgomery County

(Male) Teacher refuses to supervise nude girl in lockerroom.

California to prioritize missing children by color

How a teenager survived a plane crash and 11 day trek out of the Amazon.

(Video) How puppies might save Mongolia.

Maine dairy farmer places in top 15 in world’s longest horse race

Meet Wallace the first mule to win the British dressage competition

Researchers successfully potty train cows

The American marten reappears in Vermont and intrigues researchers


Last week my mom mentioned she’d seen an article about how Home Depot and Lowes are dealing with a growing theft problem. My response shocked her more than a bit, so I thought I’d share (and expand on) it.

I’ve shared some articles here, in my links posts, about the theft problem, but it can be hard to really picture unless you’re actually working it.

The first thing you need to understand is that most companies have a policy in place that forbids the average employee from physically stopping a thief. We’re allowed, and encouraged, to be that annoying employee who won’t take “I don’t need help” as an answer. But anything more aggressive than that is forbidden. If we spot someone walking out the door with a cart we can ask for a receipt, but we can’t try to stop the cart, or grab their arm, or even really say anything more than “can I see your receipt”. Doing more than “customer service” can actually get you fired. Managers are allowed to be more aggressive, and Loss Prevention (or Asset Protection) employees are allowed to grab/stop/apprehend thieves. But the average cashier or sales person? Nope.

Now I have mixed thoughts on that. On the one hand, I’m glad I’m not expected to actually stop thieves, that’s dangerous and I agree that it’s not my job to put my life on the line for my employer. On the other hand: thieves KNOW this. They know they can load up a cart and not get stopped. So on more than one occasion I’ve wished I could do a BIT more.

HD, Lowes, and similar stores have been dealing with excessive theft for years.  It only increased during the Covid lockdowns, and never decreased after everyone was let loose.  

In garden: any power tool from Echo, Makita, Milwaukee, or Dewalt must be spider wrapped.  Any tool from Milwaukee and Dewalt must also be cabled or behind bars.  All other brands must be spider wrapped if they’re $150 or more.  All power tool batteries must be cabled. All generators, and all power washers over $150 must be behind gates or bars.  Anything locked up must be hand carried to the register by an associate. Oh, and BTW, with everything being forced to switch to battery power instead of gas you can guess how THATS going.

In Electrical they’re not allowed to stock out more than 2 at a time of the expensive breakers, and 90% of the smart home stuff has to be locked up. A huge selection of the speciality electrical tools are high theft risks. 

Plumbing has to lock up many of the thermostats and some of the fancier water heaters.  The smaller copper pipe fittings are also a huge theft risk. 

Many of the vacuum cleaners have to be locked up. 

Some 3/4 of the power tools in hardware have to be locked up or at least spider wrapped. Saw blades, from tiny to large, are also at high risk of theft. Power tool batteries again, anywhere in the store, require extra lockup.

Theres some variation between stores/regions in the specifics of whats locked up and how, but I’ll bet that even in higher end areas you’re going to see a larger number of spider wraps and cables than you did even 10yrs ago.

Read moreTheft