Customer relations tip

If the customer has a very differing opinion than yours, and you insist there’s no scientific data to back up their opinion, and they provide some scientific data.  It would, perhaps, just maybe, be a good idea to actually READ THE DATA, and maybe, DO SOME RESEARCH ON THE AUTHOR before denoucing that whole side of the argument ignorant lying cheating frauds……you know, just in case you’d like to keep your customer base…

7 thoughts on “Customer relations tip”

  1. If they knew the difference, they wouldn’t be ground level customer service, would they?
    PS, where did you get the Turing Bot?

    • Uhoh, whats a turing bot?? *heads for google*

      Oh, and supposedly this wasn’t ground level, which might have been the issue….

    • ‘doh the math thing you have to do to prove you’re human (its friday night, thats my excuse and I’m sticking to it).

      Its one of’s Plugins, called ‘captcha’ I liked it way better than any of the others I looked at. I checked their website but it doesn’t look like theres a Blogger version:

      • Thanx, I use the dumm blogspot so I can’t get it. But I’m ok with dumm. If it ere important it would be in Linux anyway…
        God bless.

    • Having worked to much customer service myself I can tell you that statement is horribly wrong, especially in today’s society. But refering to your customer’s side of the arguement as frauds doesn’t work either.

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