Apollo WANTS to GET that cat

This cat, in case you weren’t sure what cat I meant.

He’s great with my cats, and he’s never had an issue with any of the cats owned by various inlaws and families who’s houses he’s visited.  But something about that one cat…He put serious effort into trying to drag Husband across the street last night to get at said cat.  And he did it again to me this morning, Husband watched his lack of success this morning and said he might have to start using the prong collar too.

5 thoughts on “Apollo WANTS to GET that cat”

  1. Didn’t you know, Apollo can tell evil, trespassing cats from good cats.

    Good luck.

    Have you tried using the garden hose on the cat? Hot pepper and clove spray?-A few occasions of licking that off its fur may persuade it that your yard is no fun. As a last resort are you allowed to shoot it, or are firearms prohibited in your neighborhood? Not even going to suggest a live trap because usually those don’t catch cats.

    • This is NY state, as tempting as it is to get out the air rifle I don’t want to deal with the aftermath either. Though otherwise The neighborhood woldn’t blink at the sound. Hose won’t reach, but pepper spray is tempting….

  2. Our dogs don’t care about cats when they are indoors – ony when they are outdoors. They dearly want to chase any cat that is out in the sun – our cats, the neighbor’s cat, they are all the same outdoors. But, the dogs will happily bump noses and heads with the same cats when under a roof.

    If the dogs get to run at a cat (usually Missy, when bringing them to the house from the pen), if said cat just stands his ground, there is no problem. If said cat runs, then the chase is on and I really don’t know what either dog would do.

    • His interest definetly isn’t benign thats for sure. Its not even the same reaction as when a dog is in his yard, this is much more aggressive….

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