Basic Math

I will say this, if Sitemeter hasn’t fixed this by the end of the day Friday I’ll be ditching them.

In the mean time, lets do a basic math lesson.

Early in the day (8:30am or so) on Aug 2nd my total visits according to Sitemeter was 2993.  You’ll have to take my word for that as I wasn’t smart enough to take a screen shot (You’ll also have to take my word for the fact that it ought to have been closer to 3993 as I didn’t take a screen shot of that either).

According to Sitemeter, here are my visits for Aug 2nd and since.  (this does not include MY personal visits):

So, some math: 2993 + 120 (SOME of the visits from Aug 2nd had already hit by that time, no idea how many but I’ll guess) + 117+65+37+41=3373 visits.  Right?

Here’s a screenshot from my Sitememter account as of about a minute before I started typing this:

Strange how it doesn’t add up huh?  Yes, I’m pissed, how could you tell?