Because I’ve gotten tired of answering this question.

“Why didnt you just go down to the shelter or local rescue to get a dog?? Theres lots there that need homes!!”

Well, the answer is kinda complicated.  It starts out with: I have two cats who’ve never seen a dog before in their lives.  For their sake we wanted a smaller dog to introduce them to things.  BUT, we want a big dog.  That means getting a puppy.  Are there puppies at the shelters?  Yes, but they’re almost always the first ones to find homes so we’re not really leaving them in the lurch.  Add in being picky about the type of dog we wanted, and wanting to know as much as possible about the dog’s background and genetics and we decided we were better off finding a reputable breeder.

In the end, do I feel guilty for not taking home a dog from the shelter?  Yes, but I’m also confident that we made the right decision for us under these circumstances.

2 thoughts on “Because I’ve gotten tired of answering this question.”

  1. I don't see any reason for you to feel guilty about choosing a breeder over a shelter. What you want is what you want.

    Besides, the shelters around where I live in Columbus, Ohio are actually expensive!

    A dog adopted from a shelter around here already has their shots when you adopt, but you have to shell out a couple of hundred bucks in order to reimburse the shelter for the vet bills.

    And they won't let you take the dog home unless you sign a legal contract, agreeing to take the dog to one of their approved vets four times, once every six months the first two years, for a checkup.

    Sure, buying a dog from a breeder means that you have to pay for the shots and annual vet visit yourself. But you also get what you want so far as a dog is concerned.

    Me, I just collect starving dogs off the street when I see them. This presents its own problems, though. I like to brag that I've killed my own weight in fleas!

  2. True, I still feel guilty though, all the lovely animals (cats and dogs) who need homes…..I'd take them all home if I could!

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