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Ok, since I’ve started get at least a few page views from differing sources I’d like some feed back on the site colors.  Are they easy to read or do they strain your eyes?  I can’t make up my mind personally, I picked the current colors on a whim to start with, so if they ARE causing problems for anyone please let me know so I can consider other options.

8 thoughts on “Blog design”

  1. Through my old, weary, wornout, color-confused eyes your choices are perfect.

    Now you need feedback from the normal folks 😉

    Seriously, my eyes fatigue easily and your page as soothing as I have seen.

  2. Well thats cool, I was trying for soothing. I've run across a few blogs that it was all I could do to read the one post that brought me there, and just that left me with a headache, and I did NOT want to be one of those!

  3. I like the not-quite-black background with the white letters. Black would be hard on the eyes, but whatever color you have set is good. The green headers stand out, but don't “shriek” at me.

    I'm also pleased with the larger font that you use for the body of the post.

  4. Yay!

    I like to sit back from the computer with my keyboard in my lap (I'm short enough most desk/chairs aren't the right height for me) which means the larger, slightly bolder, text is easier for me to read from the slightly further distance. (Ok, I guess that part wasn't quite on a whim lol)

  5. The off black is MUCH easier on the eyes than the black. I didn't have any trouble at all reading it, and the green is nice (OK, I'm half Irish, I like green).

  6. I'm not half Irish (though there's rumors that there might be some back there in the family tree somewhere, my green eyes had to come from somewhere….), but green is a favorite color of mine too.

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