Random thought

I love living outside of the city.  I love not being even in a major town.  The peace and quiet is awesome, and if I decide I want noise instead I can turn up the stereo as loud as I can stand and not worry about the neighbors knocking on my door.  And I got to watch a possum trot down my driveway this morning.  No idea what he was doing up and about that time of day, but he wasn’t acting sick in anyway, most likely a snowmobiler disturbed him and my driveway was a convenient path out of the 2ft of snow the yard would have required him to cross.  Only way I’d have seen him by the apartment in the city was after someone hit him.  Instead I got to watch him trot down the drive and into the woods behind.  How cool is that?

2 thoughts on “Random thought”

  1. Oh, they'll trot right up the sidewalk and onto the porch at Roseholme Cottage, and then look all startled when I clear my throat at them. 😉

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