Although in many ways I’m quite enjoying my ’07 Dodge Caliber, I really really really miss my ’91  Honda Civic right now.  I have so far, just this winter alone, gotten the Caliber hung up on snow banks 6 seperate times.  In the 11 years I drove the Civic I NEVER got it hung up on a snow bank (maybe because it was so low to the ground it couldn’t, but thats besides the point). 

The Caliber is currently sitting at an angle to the driveway waiting for my husband to get home and give me a push after I backed into the snowbank again. (I was trying to turn around to back in the garage and once again found the snowbank at the edge of the drive.  It doesn’t help that the Caliber is just tall enough that I can’t SEE the snowbanks out the back window.)

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  1. My daugther likes her Dodge Caliber but she doesn't have good luck with it in deep snow either.

    I only drive it on rare occasions… it is kinda hard to guess exactly where the front and rear bumbers are…

  2. I think the real problem is its just high enough to start to get over, but low enough it catches on the pile (which we keep knocking back to make shoveling easier….). It does fine with an inch or so on the ground, just not with the snow piles dangit.

    And yes, I do occasionally have trouble remembering where the “edges” are, the civic was so much smaller…

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