The Honor Harrington Series by David Weber

Zercool posted today about how he’s been reading this series, and I was delighted to see it.  I’ve quite enjoyed the series, even though Weber did end up decidedly political and far to deep in the relationships by books 9 and 10.  Someone must have pointed it out to him though because book 11 Crown of Slaves (not counting the short story books) was a well done push outwards at universe.  I own the entire series in dead tree format (actual book format as apposed to ebook format, which I also have them in).

If you’re looking for a science fiction series to pick up, and don’t mind one that is made up of a large number of not small books this is a series you should consider.  As a plus, if you have an ebook reader, or don’t mind reading on your computer, pretty much the entire series is availible in, legal, free (and DRM free as well) ebook form in a variety of formats.  If you don’t have any lucking find them online (or don’t trust the various sources) drop me a line and we’ll arrange something!

**edited to correct a variety of typo’s and rephrase some stuff.  Geez I couldn’t type today!