My yearly order of jeans arrived today…..

Yes you read that correctly.  I order my jeans once a year from one company.  I MIGHT if I get lucky at some point during the rest of the year buy a pair or two locally, but I’ve had a horrible time trying to find jeans that fit off the shelves. 

See, I need a 29 or 30 inch inseam, the average pair of women’s jeans you pull off the shelves (even the petite sizes) are 4 to 8 inches longer than that, which means I end up doing one of two things (well, three if you count trip over them….), I either re-hem them (which always looks so weird), or roll them up a million times (which tends to also look weird when there’s that much fabric involved).

So imagine my surprise when I discovered that Victoria’s Secret not only sells reasonable quality jeans, they sell reasonable quality jeans in a size and inseam that FIT me!  Ok, they’re not cheap, though this time of year they often have at least some on sale, but they hold up remarkably well to general wear and tear, and they FIT.

So every year after I do my taxes I order a couple new pairs of jeans.

*I bought all above mentioned jeans from VS with my own money and am receiving no kickback of any kind for this post.