King Arthur Flour Co.

I recently suggested to another blogger that the cooking ingredient they were looking for was availible at KAF, and it occurred to me that the company as a whole deserved a blog post.

First off let me state, I purchase stuff from KAF on as regular a basis as I can afford and am receiving nothing from them in return for this post.

Ok, you enjoy baking, or are attempting to learn to bake, or are just looking for good quality ingredients (or occasionally hard to find ones) you need to take the time to wander over to their site.  Just hide the credit cards first or you’ll regret it….

King Arthur Flour Co is an employee owned company based out of Vermont USA.  They pride themselves on high quality ingredients and they certinally have them.  You may be able to buy their all purpose flour in your local supermarket, and some even carry some of their pre-mixed mixes for various things.  They have wonderfull customer service, and are more than willing to answer general baking questions whether the question pertains to their products or not.

I purchase larges amounts of their Vermont chedder cheese powder for the making of homemade “Smart Food” popcorn (it keeps very well for long periods of time in the freezer) as well as a huge number of other things (homemade mac&cheese anyone?), my husband and I both adore their Buttermilk pancake mix, and their popover mix ALWAYS “pops” no matter whats going on around the house. 

They sell a huge selection of basic ingredients too, as well as a huge number of ingredients that aren’t so basic!  Ever wanted to know what the difference was between the different kinds of vanilla extract? Go take a look at their Vanilla Sample pack

Know someone who needs a gluten free diet but misses eating bread on a regular basis?  Point them towards KAF’s Gluten free line of products, they not only have a selection of mixes that are gluten free, they have a nice selection of the various ingredients to make your own!

If you or someone you know bakes take them time to look over their website or catalog, its worth it!