Ok, everyone using WordPress blog……

….. Who just changed your blog format so that each of the last five or so posts is an individual block on the main screen (after a picture I have to swipe to get rid of):

Why???? Can I please vote no? Change it back, please? I guess it looks cool, but I find it frusrating to read, and outright difficult to do so on my iPad. I already had to give up on reading another blog after it chnged over to that format cause it annoyed me that much, but all the sudden today five more of you switched over too and I don’t want to stop reading all of you!

2 thoughts on “Ok, everyone using WordPress blog……”

  1. Ok, whats really weird is that the WordPress blogs appear fine when I read them on my desktop today, but when I browse over using my iPad they look like I mentioned above, WTH??

  2. Apparently its a new theme/function called Onswipe, and its supposed to enhance functionality for ipad browsers. Yay. Now make it go away, it makes it worse not better.

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