Entertaining a teething puppy

Apollo is teething.  He’s got adult teeth coming in all over his mouth, so far no baby teeth lost either.  And yes, he chews on all sorts of stuff in the process.  He’s got the oddest sense of what to pick too.  Yesterday he knocked the cat bed off its perch by the window (without a chew mark on it) so he could get at the no-skid mat underneath it.  Twice.  In about 5 minutes.  Sigh.  He’s going through rawhide like its icecream, and since there are limits to how much of that its safe to give a dog I had to go find something else.

The breeder suggested the smoked bones from the big petstores, she’s given them to her dogs for forever and they love them.  Well that worked for a while….till he got bored with them.  Nylabones held his attention briefly.  Same for other rubber chews.  Today I picked up a bone stuffed with cheese flavored stuff, and a generic copy of the Kong Wobbler.  I’ve no problem paying the Kong price, but without a better idea of whether or not he’d go for it I liked the generic’s $8 price tag a bit better.  So far so good.  He’s been alternating between the two.  He chews on the bone for a while, then goes and finds the wobbler, picks it up and shakes it till kibble falls out, eats, then goes back to chewing.  Its a reprieve.  At least a small one!

Oh, and it turns out hes not nearly so blase about going for a walk when the MALE  psycotic German Shepherd is out in the yard.  Sigh.