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In February of 2010 I bought a Litter Robot litter box for my cats.  Unfortunately only one of the cats (Trouble) will use it on a regular basis, the other one (Janie) turned out to have issues with the whole “covered litter box” concept (basically she hates it).  In general for the last year however its worked just fine with minimal hitches in the running. 

But a week or so ago it stopped working.  No lights on the control panel, no nothing.  Sigh.  It only came with a 90 day warranty, and even if the warranty were for a year its over that mark too.  But I went ahead and contacted the company.  At best I figured I’d end up being told I had to buy a $50 part to fix it, at worst that I’d have to pay for shipping it to them and a fee to have them even look at it.  But I figured it was worth contacting them to see what they had to say about it.

Instead Shirley from their tech support department contacted me with a list of things to check, or double check, with the end conclusion that it was likely the power supply was no longer working (the power supply remains cold even after having been plugged in for a while, when every other power supply in the house gets at least a little warm after the same period of time), not perhaps a HUGE surprise as we had major thunderstorms rolling through the day it died complete with power fluctuations. She said that was a not unusual failure point, the other being that something caused the plug jack in the unit to fail, and that were that the case they have a new jack unit they can send me.

The company shipped me a new power supply at no charge, with only request being that I return the defunct one to them, AND I don’t even have to pay the shipping on the returned power supply.  They’re sending FedEx back out to pick up the box.  The new power supply did indeed solve the problem, and the defunct one is in the box waiting for FedEx to come by and pick it up (the plan is for Tuesday pickup).  How cool is that?

**Disclaimer, I bought the original litter box with my own money, and am receiving no kickback or reward for this endorsement.  I also have to add that this is NOT a litter box for every cat loving house-old out there, but it works well for me!

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  1. Kudos to the company! I'm always glad to hear some good news when it comes to products that break down. Always wondered how those kitti-potties worked.Probably not for folks with septic tanks?

  2. I think you're thinking of the cat genie litter box? Though acording to their literature it is septic safe. One of these days I have to try that one.

    The litter robot doesn't flush, but unlike every other powered litterbox it requires neither special containers ( it uses regular trash bags!) or high end litter (any clumping litter is fine) which is a definate plus

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