General update

Lets see. 

Broken tooth: has a temporary crown on, while we wait to see what the insurance says they’ll cover.  The dentist is of the opinion that there’s some life left in that nerve afterall so we’ll see.

The rest of the plants have arrived, but mother nature is attempting to see if we can grow gills and so they haven’t been planted yet.  Hopefully tomorrow.

Apollo has continued to grow at the same insane rate, unfortunetly his leash skills aren’t keeping pace.  The more excited he gets the more likely he is to pull, and the more he pulls the more likely he is to end up choking himself against the collar in his excitement.  To the point where I worry he’s doing damage.  After discussion with the breeder we’re taking a multi-sided approach.  More exercise to wear him out, more dog interaction with appropriate dogs (she feels he is possibly lonely, and considering how much he LOVES playing with other dogs she probly has a point), and we’ll be adding a prong collar to his closet this week.  Its very difficult to get him enough exercise and interaction when he’s attempting to pull me down the street cause there’s a “PERSON who might PET ME”, so the prong collar will hopefully teach him that pulling is not pleasant, which in turn will make it easier for all of the above to get done.  On the other hand we’ve had fun coming up with games to wear him out at home.  I’m trying to get video I promise.