Help a small business

I first ran across Crazy K Farm after Hsoi talked about taking some rescue ducks there.  As well as taking in rescue animals of all sorts they sell a very wide selection of products for your small/farm animal needs.  I just got my younger cat (Trouble) a kitty holster cat harness from them, it arrived today and I have to say that first impression is awesome.  And to top it off she doesn’t even seem to be fussed about wearing it!

So, how can you help them?  Well, the obvious is to buy something of theirs, but there’s something else you can do that right now would help them more.  Tobi (the owner) is attempting to get a wider circle of buyers for her products, specifically the Kitty Holster.  She has signed up to possibly win a $10,000 grant but to do it she needs to raise a certain dollar amount first, and she’s coming up short.  You’ll need either a Paypal account, or a credit card, and you can donate as little as $5 (or as much as you want).  Click on the button that says “Back this project” and you’ll be taken to a page where you can specify the dollar amount you wish to donate.  You can either choose a preset $ amount, with a thank you reward, or scroll to the bottom and enter the amount you choose for no reward other than her heartfelt thanks.

Links for this:

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Peerbackers link (where you can donate)

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