Internet Access as a Basic Human Right

Apparently the UN has decided that internet access is a basic human right. 

First off a little disclaimer.  I am firmly in the group that MUST have internet access.  If I can’t check my email at least a couple times a day I got into withdrawal (really, I get irritable, and snappy, and no one wants to deal with me), and never mind not being able to wander through the various sites I regularly visit.

But do I think that internet access is a basic right?? No!  You don’t need internet to survive, withdrawal symptoms or not. 

Having said that, do I think our government has the right to shut down the internet itself, or any website on it, without having proved that the site broke the law?  Nope!  Now from what I’m reading that may be what the UN was trying to get it when they made this decision, but a “basic human right” it is not!