Books I read

I kinda started this a while back while talking about the Honor Harrington series by David Weber.  Thing is I read so many different sorts of stuff that its a little hard to keep track of occasionally.  A wander through my Amazon wish list is a perfect example of this.  There’s some 30yr old westerns, a bunch of Louis Lamour reprints, urban fantasy everywhere you look, a good dash of sci-fi, mysteries, some recipe books, some stuff on how to live off the land…..and thats just the books, it doesn’t include all the other STUFF that makes it onto the wishlist there.

David Weber is a very good author, and if you even sorta like sci-fi you’ll like at least the earlier Honor Harringtons (for more info see my previous post).  I do think though that he may need to stop writing for a bit, all his main charactors, no matter which series, are turning into a version of Honor, rather drastically.

Since I’m on the topic of sci-fi though… about Mike Shpherds Kris Longknife series?  The story of the proverbial “rich brat” off to make a name for herself in the military….or is it?  Kristine Longknife learned at a very young age that life hurts, and that addiction is even worse, but when she tries to escape the family legends by joining the military she discovers that the legends have their own skeletons in the closets, and just how legends are made after all.

I suspect (though its not on the books anywhere) these might have been written for the older teen age group, but they’re an enjoyable read all the same.  Kris tumbles into some frustratingly painfull situations only to discover that some relative pushed.  Her escapes are wonderfully dramatic, but she’s going to run out of planets eventually.  By book 8 I admit to having become a bit bored with the standard formula, but not so much that I won’t go find number 9 when it comes out.