Electric cars

While I’m on the subject, everyone goes on about how an electric car saves you money, and officially the .GOV is pushing companies to try to find a way to save oil (at least they keep saying they are), but there’s a side to getting rid of gas burning cars (or any kind of fuel burning vehicle) that I think the general public tends to forget about.  The federal government, and most (if not all) states, make quite a bit of money off of gas taxes that are paid at the pump.  So what happens when that source of income dries up? 

Well, things like this.  At first glance it makes sense.  You use the roads you  should pay a tax to help pay for repairs…..right?  But how are they going to collect this information? 

Most, if not all, new cars already have a black box of some sort that records a few seconds of data in the case of a crash, but in order to track your miles driven it would have to keep track of much more AND send that information off to the government periodically.  You don’t even have to be paranoid to see ways for this to be abused, and thats just by the folks who would legally have a right to the info.  What happens when some crook figures out how to access the data and uses it against you in some way?