Got my soap order.

I posted a while back about how a friend of mine had finally opened a webstore to sell her soaps and other skin care stuff.  So a few weeks ago I put together some spare cash and placed an order.

I got a couple bars of the Guinness Beer Soap (cause it sounded too cool not to try).  A bar of Dirty Dog Soap. Two tins of the Vanilla Bean Solid Lotions. I also ordered a custom soap log of spearmint & eucalyptus scent.  And two bars of her coffee soap (which is not on the website because it requires lard and shes trying to cater to the vegi/vegan group, she’s trying to reformulate it to use a different oil, but hasn’t had any luck).  She also (by prior agreement) sent me samples of the Sensitive skin Facial Mask, Peppermint Foot Butter, Yuzu Body Butter, Vanilla Cookie Lip Balm, Pink Sage Soap, Chocolate Mint Soap, and the Dead Sea Mud Soap.

Everything arrived today, and it smells awesome.  The only one I’m likely to have an issue with is the Pink Sage because it contains lavender and I’m allergic, but its worth trying.  The custom soaps (which I intend to use both for myself, and for gifts), smell just like I hoped they would, and the lip balm is heavenly.  I’ll try to remember to post my thoughts and reactions on the rest as I use them.

Just a note, though she’s generally more than willing to do custom orders for soaps you’ll need to be prepared to buy the whole log, and remember that it’ll take longer to get since the soap has to set before its hard enough to ship out (ie: 2 to 4 weeks). 

***Disclaimer:  The owner of Beach Baby Bath & Body and I have known each other for a while, and she’s been sending me samples of various stuff for a long time because I have some odd allergies and she figured I was a good way to test things out.  As stated above some of this order I paid for, and some she voluntarily included for me to try.  I get no payment for trying those samples other than the enjoyment of the products themselves.  Any review of these products, those I paid for and those I didn’t, will be as honest and complete as I can make it.