So, about that shirt…..

I was catching up over at Ambulance Driver‘s when I ran across the linked post. I read it with a great deal of amusement cause usually I’m the less than maternal woman who the kid beelines for. I don’t dislike kids (well, ok, as long as they’re well behaved, if they aren’t I can’t stand’em), but they aren’t generally my favorite people to hang out with, and I tend to be bad at figuring what makes them tick. However the picture of Labrat’s hands caught my eye, not cause of the nail polish, but because of the tshirt behind them. Then I hit Google and found this! Next time I have some spare change the husband and I are each getting one. My coworkers will love it, my boss will consider it a further sign that I’m a spawn of hell. Oh well.

1 thought on “So, about that shirt…..”

  1. I noticed the shirt too (duh, bears and all). It's definitely going on the birthday/Christmas/Birthday/Father's Day list that my wife wants.

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