Information on a dog from MAS

Another post from YesBiscuit:

One of her readers, who lives in TN requested, via the Freedom of Information act, the information pertaining to a dog seen on the webcam who was euthanized to “to prevent suffering.” 

Go read the whole post for the entire set of information, but basically this dog was brought in as a stray on May 30, and the cage cleaned (ie: hosed down) while the dog was in it on May 31.  Presumably the dog was given food and water both days.  Neither day was any veterinary notes placed on the animal’s chart, or special care provided, or rescues (or other organizations) contacted on behalf of this dog.

On June 1st, the cage was hosed down while the dog was inside and presumably food and water given. 

A technician notes that she is emaciated and “Referred to Mr. Pepper for disposition”.  The shelter vet notes that the dog is suffering and she recommends “euthanasia as condition exceeds our available resources to treat at MAS”.  No veterinary care is provided.  No rescues are contacted.

On June 2nd:

The dog’s weight is noted as 40 pounds and she is killed by MAS.  The shelter vet signs the final disposition record and dates it.  The date appears to read “6/2/11″ with an apparent attempt to alter the 2 into a 1.

 Since the dog was seen via webcam on June 2nd, apparently being led to the kill room, we know her date of death is indeed 6/2 and not 6/1.  At no time during this dog’s 3 day stay at MAS was she provided veterinary care, infact there’s no notes about her condition at all till day 3 of the stray hold, dispite the fact someone handled her on day 1, and hosed out her cage on day 2.  She appears, on the webcam images captured, to be well able to walk on her own, there’s no sign of her having to be carried, or dragged, at all.  Which means that dispite her low body weight there is a very good possibility that with some time, care, and food this dog could have been returned to good condition and quite possibly made someone a good pet.  Unfortunetly none of the webcam watchers spotted her till June 2nd, at which time several people did request more information on her in hopes of getting her rescued, only to be told that it was to late, the dog had been killed.