And yet…..

…..despite things like this and this, I have to come up with a reason why the judge should issue me a pistol permit.  And not just a permit, but a permit to carry concealed where-ever allowed by law, not just at home, or while hunting, or while on the job…..

Seriously though, what do I put as my “reason for requesting a pistol permit”.  I doubt I could get away with “hunting” since I don’t have a hunting license (I’ve debated getting one, but as much as I’d like to say I hunt my own food I KNOW I’d not be able to gut and clean….).  And I don’t know the judge well enough to know if “because its my legal right” will fly (this being NY probably not).

And while I’m in gripe mode, WHY do I have to fill out the medical/legal/court records release forms in triplicate, especially when there’s nothing there for them to find anyway??  They all say “photocopies of this document are legal” (or some such similar language) on the bottom.

5 thoughts on “And yet…..”

  1. Either apply with “hunting/target shooting” as your reason (they don't check on a hunting license) and accept a restricted permit, or put down “all lawful purposes” and … probably get a restricted permit anyways.

  2. of all the other things they check why would they not check for a hunting license. That figures. On the other hand, I've seen several reports online from people (reletively recently) who got a restricted permit and were able to get an unrestricted a year or so later, so….cross fingers.

  3. If they do issue a restricted permit, make the effort to get some “official” training within the next year, then provide documentation of such when writing to have your restrictions removed.

    And always remember that restrictions are administrative, not legislative.

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