Where’s Kapone?

So, you have two dogs, and they’re your babies.  The older of the two you’ve had since you were a teen, and is now 11 years old.  Oh yes, they happen to both be pitbulls.

They got through the fence on Friday.  It does happen, even to the best of pet owners, but a neighbor says all is not lost, they saw an Animal Control Officer picking up two dogs that match the description of your two.  So first thing Saturday you rush down to the Memphis Animal Shelter to pay the fine and look for your dogs. 

There’s Jersey, in the back row of cages.  There’s a mention on her kennel card of the 2nd dog picked up with her…..but he’s no where to be found.  MAS authorities review the camera take, they say that the 2nd dog picked up at the same time as Jersey isn’t Kapone, but they can’t ID which dog it was.  That dog’s apparently missing too. Oh, and you’re not allowed to watch the video footage.

Last year (2010) MAS “lost” 155 animalss.  Thats not a euphanism, they literally have no explanation for where those animals went after an ACO supposedly brought them in.  In January 2011, they “lost” 40 animals.  Then, for some reason, they stopped reporting how many animals went missing, for all the months after that.  The rest of the numbers are there, but not how many went missing.

This is a picture of Kapone.  The Shoup family is offering a $1000 reward for the return of their dog, no questions asked.  If you know someone in the area please ask them to keep an eye out for this dog.

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