A food warning for dog owners.

I shoulda posted this a couple weeks ago, but I kept hoping we’d get more news.

Seems up in Canada there was a sudden rash of small dogs suffering from Falconi syndrome.  Though this CAN be a genetic disease thats rare, and its much more likely to be caused by a toxin in the animal’s food.  In these cases the only thing these dogs had in common was chicken jerky treats fed regularly.  The chicken jerky varied in brand, but in all cases was the meat was from China.  The specific toxin that is causing the problem this time (most folks will remember the massive recalls a few years ago cause of melemine) has not been identified. 

As of the last information I can find no larger dogs have fallen sick, but if it really is the chicken jerky then likely its only a matter of time before a larger dog ingests a large enough amount of the toxin, and since the US shares a large number of products with Canada the problem will likely cross borders shortly if it hasn’t already.  If you feed your dog jerky treats (of any kind of meat) and it does NOT say Made AND Sourced in the US it is more than likely that the meat comes from overseas, and though meat from some countries is ok, meat from China is, frankly, suspect.  I highly recommend finding a different treat for your dog.