A while back Tam posted about how she does her coffee, and apparently today a nother blogger commented there about how he was giving a Chemex a try. (I was decried as an infidel in the comments for my flavored coffee, poor folks have never had the good stuff :p.) I’ve thought about trying a Chemex several times, but first thing in the morning I’m just not that functional. As much as I’d prefer to grind my coffee on a daily basis I don’t even do that every morning. Instead I grind a weeks worth at a time, and I brew it in my Mr Coffee (though I’ve a stovetop perculator for when the power goes out) cause I can do that without requiring thought.

We’re currently ordering from Berres Brothers, and we usually get a selection, including Highlander Grog, and their Breakfast blend (look, a non-flavored coffee!!). They ship quick, and have wonderfull coffee. I used to exclusively buy Millstone’s Chocolate Velvet coffee (it smelled and tasted like a fresh baked chocolate mocha cake) but when Smuckers bought them out they stopped selling the whole bean in 5lb bags which I found annoying as heck, so I decided that if I was going to be reduced to ordering in small bags I was going to find someplace I was willing to buy a selection from.

So thats my coffee story!

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