4th of July

So, since this was Apollo’s first fireworks holiday we decided to becarefull about how we did things.  Normally we go over to my inlaws house cause we can watch the fireworks over the lake from their front yard.  They’re no closer to the lake then we are, but have a better view thanks to a lack of trees.  This time instead we just took Apollo over for the cookout and hangout time, and about 7:45pm or so we drove him home, figuring we were better off in the familer home environment if he freaked out over the fireworks.

Didn’t have much to worry about (didn’t expect to, but wanted to be safe rather than sorry),  When they first started going off he woke from a sound sleep and popped to his feet to warn me about the noise:

Once I told him it was ok, and then took him outside so he could look around, he was fine with the noise and has gone back to his nap.  I think next year we’ll stick around my inlaws to watch the fireworks.

(well, he was ok and sound asleep till I played the video back to make sure it had caught his barking….now he’s all freaked out about the other dog that sounded like him.   Oooops!)