Homemade puppy cookies

The recipe for the duck cookies mentioned in the previous posts.  You can likely use any meat of your choice, and the recipe I used is gluten free.

1lb meat (I used duck, obviously, I also used raw, but next time I’m going with precooked.  I did include organ meat) ground with 1/4cup water
1cup rice flour (gluten free!)
1cup quick oats
1/3cup cheese powder

preheat oven to 400F
mix all ingredients throughly
using a teaspoon and a fork, take small gobs of the mix, and flatten onto a cookie sheet so that they’re no more than 1/3 inch thick and not much over 1inch wide at the widest point (it took two cookie sheets full for me).
Cook for 20 min, flip cookies over and cook for another 15.  They should be turning golden colored on both sides, and crunchy (not soft, a little soft is ok, but only a little).  Allow to cool.  Freeze any you don’t expect to use up in a week’s time.