I just got shamed into this.

I try to avoid politics on here other than the occasional link and eye roll.  I was raised that politics and all other attached thoughts and functions are best kept private.  If you wish to discuss them with someone its a private conversation, best kept between you and the other person.  Over the years I’ve added to that my opinion of most major sports, folks just get to worked up over it, and its just not worth it.  Other than the reposting of information about the Memphis Animal Shelter, and gripes about the TSA, I’ve done pretty well at that.

So when I saw the following pieces of news I cringed inside.  Made a note about which companies I was now going to be avoiding as much as I possibly could.  And attempted to go on my way.

Till this morning, when I read a new post by Heather over at Raised by Wolves.  And I sat here with tears running down my face.

So here goes my attempt at it.

Subway has decided that Michael Vick is their Sportsman of the Year.  Nike has signed him on as a spokesperson.  When I mentioned both to my husband (who watches pro football avidly) he, rather frustratedly, exclaimed “but he didn’t even have that good of a year!!” But it doesn’t matter, the companies in question know that the media follows Vick around, because he’s guarenteed a crowd everywhere he goes, a loud and obnoxious crowd, but a crowd, which means they’ll get all kinds of free publicity.

I know alot of folks say “he served his time, let him be” or “he apologized, what more do you want” and “but everyone deserves a 2nd chance!” but really?  He never served a day for animal cruelty.  The authorities decided to work out a plea deal, they dropped all the charges pertaining to animal cruelty, and he served time for rackateering.  They had enough evidence they most likely wouldn’t have had any trouble convincing a jury, and he’s certinally admited since that he was involved.  He’s apologized to his fans for “being involved” but there’s been no apology to the dogs who’s lives he took, or the others who survived but are scarred for life.  I’ve not seen (and neither have others who’ve watched more closely than I) one comment or step that actually seems to show remorse for what he did.  He’s sorry he got caught, but well, you know, that was how he was raised.  That makes it all better, right?

When I found out that Vick had been whining because now his kids wouldn’t get to grow up with a dog all I could think of was “good, now he won’t get to show them how fighting is done, at least at home,” and the comment that a dog might help with his rehabilitation??  Yah, I saw red.  And then one of my co-workers made a happy comment about how the president had called up the Eagles and during the conversation congratulated them for giving Vick a 2nd chance.  They don’t mention his name around me any more.

Back in the aftermath of the president’s call to the Eagles Fugly Horse put up this post.  Go read, and make sure to read the comments, about 1/4 of the way down the page a commenter makes a suggestion involving a rain barrell, and a geeked up meth-head.  I rather liked the idea.

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