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So, I ran across the Sottevest products the other day. I gotta say I like the concept, I already carry the smallest purse I can find, the only reason I haven’t ditched it enirely is that at some point I’ll forget to move stuff between pants pockets(the cops don’t like it when you tell them you don’t have your license on you cause yesterdays pants are in the dirty laundry). They’ve got lotsa reviews linked to from a bunch of sites….but anyone out there acually used any of this? Specifcally the coats and vests and the like? I’m hard on my clothes…..and it gets cold up here in the winter!

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  1. I'm a repeat customer of theirs; and have been pretty happy with the jacket/vests I've bought from them. I call them my stealthy shoot-me-now vests (though, obviously, I can't carry). I don't wear mine in the winter all that much (I have a very nice Half Moon wool duster for that), but when I do I tend to layer. NJ winters. Spring and fall I leave the sleeves on for a jacket, and summer it's a vest. Your winters might be a little heavier than NJs, depending.

    Right now I have in mine my wallet, keys, change purse, Skeletool and pack of screwdriver bits for it, several flashlights, a ASUS Transformer tablet (think iPad size), a handful of flash drives, a couple usb cables, a battery pack, several AA batteries, a cellphone and a digital camera. Plus a set of earbuds run through the wiring channels. Plus a couple of pens and pencils. The design is such that the weight is barely noticeable, the designer has really put some thought into distributing the load.

    Ask specific questions if you like.

  2. I tend to layer in the winter anyway, it just means I have to buy large so as to fit the fleece or sweatshirt underneath, and I tend to buy large anyway.

    How do they wear, like, do the pockets develop holes after a bit, especially the ones holding the multitool and the like? If you're wearing them alot, how long do they seem to hold up before they get beat up enough that you want a new one?

  3. I just laid my old one to rest this year because the zippers holding the sleeves to the body failed on one sleeve – that model had crap zippers. The new one has much better ones. Other that some zippers that don't work, it's intact, and I could still wear it as a vest if I chose to. It's old enough that it doesn't have a tablet pocket though. 3 years or so? Maybe 4.

    I have one hole in the new one already and it's entirely my fault – the pocket that holds the tablet is on my left, and I had my cellphone clipped to the left of my belt with a corner placed to rub the fabric. It wore a hole which I then widened by incautiousness. The pockets on the inner liner have a rather thin material – I would have reinforced them at the bottom.

    Last winter I went as good chunk of the time with a cotton hoodie as an underlayer.

    This weekend I hope to post a photo review of mine, including what I keep in my manpurse replacement

  4. Very cool thank you. I need a new winter weight coat, and I could use a decent windbreaker, I'll have to make up my mind which ones I want.

  5. Well, my old one I apparently hung up in the spare closet as a layer over a denim jacket old enough to vote – it has a fleece liner that buttons in. So, yeah.

    And I've got a fleece hoodie on the back of my desk chair that I was using as an additional layer for the new one this winter

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