Apollo and the wildlife

He’s been fascinated by the birds since he first saw them. His attempts to stalk up on the robins are totally worth the laugh.

He saw his first wild bunny a couple months ago and was very puzzled “wth is that? Hey! It moved! Does that mean I can chase it? Cool!” By this time he no longer hesitates when he see’s the wild rabbits, he just takes off after them. So far they’ve always gotten away, but I have to wonder for how much longer, he’s FAST!

Yesterday he saw his first baby bunnies, and was very peeved when I wouldn’t let him give chase. The babies are to cute, and he might actually be able to catch them.

Today he was so busy searching for baby bunnies that he completely missed the turkeys at the back of the yard in the shade near the stream. To bad, I’m looking forward to the mutual reactions when he spots his first wild turkeys. I can’t promise video though I’ll try, I suspect I’ll either be laughing to hard, or running to save him from the big birds!