Update on Kapone

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According to the Where’s Kapone Facebook page the reward has gone all the way up to $11,000 thanks to donations from a variety of sources.

The Animal Control Officer who picked up Kapone and Jersey has been arrested on charges of Animal Cruelty and falsifying records.  Infact its currently standing at 2 counts of Animal Cruelty.  After the warrent had been issued the ACO was out picking up another dog that had been supposedly hit by a car, someone at MAS warned her the police were waiting for her, so instead of bringing the dog right back she drove around for a couple hours, till the police were gone.  By the time she got back to the shelter the dog in her truck was dead, and the attending Vet says the cause of death was heat stroke, not the injuries from being by a car.  The charges of falsifying records appears to stem from the very incident where Kapone went missing.  According to her testemony and the shelter records she went out to pick up two dogs reported loose.  She reported verbally picking up two dogs, but instead of returning directly to the shelter she went home for an extended period of time.  She then returned to the shelter, and filled out paperwork for a dog matching Kapone’s description, but there is no record (including video) of her bring a dog into the shelter at that time dispite this paperwork.  She then went back out and drove around some more before returning to the shelter and doing paperwork for Jersey and bringing her into the shelter.  Please note that Memphis does NOT have GPS tracking on its ACO’s vehicles, infact a company offered to donate them a while back and MAS refused stating they didn’t need them, so there is no way to confirm exactly where this ACO and her vehicle were when they were not at the shelter.