Book Recommendations, in addition…

I posted a bunch of Urban Fantasy book recommendations not to long ago.  Realized today I’d forgotten a series.

The Trickster Novels by Rob (short for Robyn, female) Thurman.  Now I don’t care for Thurman’s Cal Leandros series, but the two Trickster books have caught my attention.  Trick of Light, and The Grimrose Path, are the two titles, they’re a deliberate mix of Christian, Norse, and Native American (and probably a bunch of others) mythologies, done up with a twist or two.  No idea how long the premise will hold up (I’m thinking that it won’t hold up for to many more books, but we’ll see), but I’ve enjoyed the first two anyway.

And of course Helene mentioned S.M. Stirling‘s Change series.  For the people who wanted to know just how society would manage if suddenly electricity went away.  Just a note of warning for anyone who picks up a Stirling book, in his older stuff especially, but still to some degree in his new stuff, he LIKES making his bad guy a GRAPHICALLY sadistic, intelligently evil, person.  You have been warned.  Don’t come back complaining about the blood, rapine, and slaughter.

5 thoughts on “Book Recommendations, in addition…”

  1. Can't read the Emberverse stuff for some reason. I like some of his other stuff – loved the Nantuket stuff (flip side of emberverse) plus his collab with David Drake. But Emberverse gives me collywobbles.

  2. Its to real, you can see it happening (well, except for HOW the electricity went away). Which is probly why I dont like his 2nd half of the series where he focuses on Juniper's son, cause its not real.

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