Droid, GPS, and Voice

So a couple weeks ago I upgraded my cell phone to a Droid 2 Global, I didn’t really care about the “global” part, but I did want the slide out keyboard and Android OS, so that limited my choices.

So the other day I was headed for the house of an acquaintance, who’s residence I’d never actually been to, I knew vaguely where it was, but that was it.  So I figured instead of printing out directions from online I’d just use the nify GPS directions thingy on my new phone to guide me there.  Not that I followed its directions exactly (much to its apparent annoyance….), but that’s besides the point.  I did however have to pull over till I stopped laughing at one point.  Seems the programming that handles the voice over part of the directions has some area’s that were neglected.  In this case:  Syracuse.  Traditionally pronounced “Sear-a-kuuz” the phone pronounced it “Sigh-rack-use.”  It took me a minute to stop laughing.