Michele Bachmann

Ok, I’ve not bothered to follow the whole media hoopla, I am aware that supposedly her doctor weighed in on her headaches.  I don’t really care if the media exaggerated the severity thereof or not.  I get stress headaches.  It takes one hell of a stressful situation, and even then they don’t qualify as “migraines” unless I end up with a visual migraine, but let me tell you something, a headache brought on by stress, no matter how minor a headache, DOES impede your ability to function.  It might be only a minor impediment if its a minor headache, but it DOES get in the way. 

Honey if you are already aware that you get stress headaches then the White House isn’t a job you need.  Every single president I can think of has walked out of the White House, at the end of his term, looking 10years older than he did when he walked in.  And that’s at the end of the FIRST term, those that served two terms generally looked closer to 20years older.  That is a job that is stress personified.  You’re going to have a constant headache, the real kind not just the figurative kind, and it’ll only get worse not better.  Don’t do that to yourself or your country.