RFID chips part 2

Ok, first off the problem most people are having with this concept isn’t really the RFID chips themselves, its the PR release from MKS on the subject.  There are several folks who aren’t understanding the hoopla because RFID chips are easy to disable so whats the problem??

Apparently the Italian government is requiring RFIDs for inventory control by gun manufacturers (can’t find much in the way of proof of this, all the articles I can find on the subject are in reference to the MKS press release and I’ve already discussed my opinion of that press release).  But my lack of proof doesn’t mean much as I don’t read Italian even a little bit, thus limiting my search.

RFIDs are NOT GPS trackers.  GPS trackers require a power source to send out their signal and that takes up a HUGE amount of space.  Don’t believe me?  Go search for GPS tracking dog collars and take a look at the size of the units.  Trust me if the dog world could make those smaller they would, but if they did there’d be no room for a battery that could power it for a reasonable time.

RFIDs can be scanned from alot further away than 3 inches (regardless of what the MKS press release says).  Basic inventory control has to happen from alot further away than 3 inches or the time saved by just having to scan the RFID is lost by someone having to sort out a whole pallet to scan each box.  Infact there was a case not long ago where a hacker proved he could, with enough power and LOS, get a reading off an RFID chip from a distance of at least a few hundred feet.

Now I suppose you could track an RFID by taking note of when its scanned at point A, and then again at point B and comparing them, but thats still not GPS tracking.

Borepatch has a post up on the subject point out how someone in the know could crash an entire system just by hacking the RFID.  Makes me want one just so I can screw with their heads.

I’m still reserving judgement on Chiappa and MKS till we see if there’s a reaction to the outcry over the press release.  If nothing happens, or the contents of the press release are confirmed as legit and “we’re not apologizing you morons” then yes anything imported by MKS goes on the DO NOT BUY list.  It’ll be interesting to see though if Chiappa does anything.  I don’t know what their options are for US distributors, but if they decide its time for a new one once the current contract ends?  Then I might just have to change my mind on them.