TSA Confiscates Insulin

A diabetic pregnant woman’s insulin was confiscated by the TSA.  Apparently the TSA officer decided it was a threat.  The TSA’s response was to quote their liquid carry on items policy.  Very helpfull.

Now I had to go look it up online, but from what can I find the standard sizes are either 3ml or 10ml vials, WAY less than the 3.4ounces (100ml) that is the max allowed on a flight.  Even if she had 10 vials with her (which I doubt personally, but you never know) that’s ONLY 100ml which is the max SINGLE size the TSA allows on the plane, and you’re allowed SEVERAL containers of that size.  She also states that the vials were properly labeled AND she had a letter from her doctor. Plus they didn’t take her syringes either.  Go figure.

Way to go TSA, I wonder if they realize that they not only put that woman’s life at risk, they risked the life and health of her fetus as well should something have prevented her from getting more insulin on her trip.

2 thoughts on “TSA Confiscates Insulin”

  1. When applying to TSA for a job, please be sure your IQ is well below normal.Ability to follow directions to the letter, no matter how stupid, is a plus!

    Imagine how frantic that woman was! Stupidity rules, doesn't it?

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