A couple months ago we set up a trail camera on one of the trails off the back of our property.  We’d seen wild turkeys in the yard, and lots of deer tracks all winter.  We were rather frustrated when week after week there were no photos of turkey or deer on the camera.  Lots of random photos of the trees though, don’t know if waving branches set it off, or a bird flew by fast enough to avoid the photo or what.  Twas rather annoying.

In the last couple weeks I’d seen the turkeys (or a bunch anyway) off one of the other trails in the back, which in retrospect wasn’t a huge surprise as there’s a small stream right there that stays wet in all but the driest weather.  So I decided that after I checked the camera this week I’d move it to THAT trail and see what I got.  What I wasn’t expecting was what was on my camera memory card when I checked it this afternoon!

First picture off the card!  Cool!  Wish it had gotten a bit more detail, but its a cheap camera, so I can’t complain.

Then I looked further…..

This young buck spent most of a half hour or so wandering back and forth in front of the camera.  This is by far the best of the shots.  The apple trees are only about 20ft behind the camera so I assume he was snatching bites.

How cool is that?

(now I want two cameras, one for each trail…..)

No pictures of the turkeys, but I’ll share this one from last fall instead: