2 thoughts on “Another power outage”

  1. Can”t say enough in praise of our generator. If you dont have one, they do come in handy.Hope you weren't too hot until the power came back.

    Do you think Blogger was cussing with numbers?

    Have you started “Ghost Story”? We're doing it from Audible and are on chapter 20. OMG, poor Molly!

    Also listening to a series by Kevin Hearne about the last surviving Druid in the world. Fascinating book “Hammered”, but it's book three and assumes a lot. A vampire lawyer, for instance.

    Any new tips for end of summer reading?

  2. Not to hot thankfully, it was raining actually which kept it a reasonable temps.

    Read and finished Ghost Story, and yes, poor Molly would be a correct assessment….btw, the key word is “unavailible”, remember it!

    I read the first Druid book. Got about halfway through the 2nd and put it down, and haven't bothered to pick it back up. We'll see.

    Have you read the rest of my book recomendations? If not click on the “books” topic on the left hand side here to find them. If you need more…..hmmm, do you read any scifi?

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