Puppy pictures!!

Photos taken yesterday.

I’ll put them below the fold so folks who don’t want to see them don’t have to wait for them to stop tying up the connection.

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He’s dragging a 30ft leash as his recall isn’t solid yet (and frankly may never be, typical Tibetan Mastiff), and in the first photo he’s carrying a Kong AirDog squeaky tennis ball.  He LOVES them cause they squeak, he does not, however, retrieve very well: in that photo he’s running AWAY from my husband……last photo is a shot of him cooling off in his kiddy pool, he’d just taken a mouth-full of water when I called his name, hence the drool!

(disclaimer, I bought all of the above mentioned items with my own money and am receiving no kickback for mentioning them or anything about them.  For folks looking for the Kong balls, Petco & Petsmart carry them, but I recommend looking elsewhere, as my local Tractor Supply carries them for $0.99 to Petco’s $1.99, considering how quickly Apollo kills the squeakers (and then won’t play with them cause they don’t make noise) this makes a difference)