As of now (almost 6pm) no major damage here or the general Syracuse area that I can find in the news.  Lots of higher than normal winds and rain, but (so far *knock on wood*) we haven’t even lost power, though some of the surrounding areas have.  I can’t find record of even major flooding locally.  I AM glad my husband and a couple of his co-workers took down the half dead pine tree out front before this, though winds are such that it wouldn’t have likely hit the house, but it likely would have taken out wires if it went down. 

My folks, out north of Boston, have reported off and on power outages but otherwise no damage to their house or property, though admittedly they’re on top of a nice hill so flooding isn’t an issue for them personally.  Even Apollo’s breeder down in eastern VA came through intact.  She had no power when I got in touch with her this morning, and she had some tree branches down causing some damage around the place, but nothing major and her and the dogs are all ok.