The stupidity of the Federal Gov.

Over an AnarchAngel Mel gives us some background on a news story I saw recently.  Now I saw this on the news and rolled my eyes at the stupidity of the .GOV prosecuting some poor father for protecting his family from a bear.  But either I didn’t read the whole article or they didnt print all the info, (coulda been either), because its alot worse than just “roll the eyes” worthy.  Seems the STATE government decided the guy was in the right, and cleared him of all charges.  So the Feds decided THEY were going to.  Add in the fact that this is the state of Idaho, which isn’t all that thrilled with the Feds in the first place, and then drop in the fact that this little incident happened in a county called Boundary……which became infamous for the Ruby Ridge incident, which ALSO just so happened to involve the Feds……Can you say STUPID??