Ok, I don’t  have kids, and have no intention of ever having kids, so all this is based on my experiences as a kid rather than any experiences with parenting (I don’t even babysit if I can avoid it).

Hsoi recently posted on  his opinion of a parenting situation he saw in public.  And it brought to mind a conversation Husband and I were having just the other night.  See, with the budget cuts this year the Syracuse school system can’t afford to have cops in their middle schools all the time any more.  Yes, you read that right MIDDLE SCHOOLS, and not just when someone calls 911, but ALL THE TIME.  And everyone is having FITS over it because the first week of school was SO violent cause the COPS WEREN’T there!!!!111111111!!!! 

Ok, so they confiscated a couple pocket knives and a teacher got “pushed around” while breaking up a fight.  Sorry, thats not violent.  Maybe if someone actually knifed another kid with said pocket knife…..but we’re not even talking the high schools, this is the MIDDLE schools.  And oh yah, having had the cops there would NOT have stopped the kids from bringing the knives thank you very much you idiots.

Now I’ll admit that I went to private, religious, schools my entire life cause my parents didn’t think much of the local public school system, but I still can’t recall more than once in my entire school career that we had to have the police called for a violent student (or adult for that matter), and I can’t recall hearing about the police being called to the public schools any more often than that.  So I checked with Husband, after all he’s native to this general area, maybe he can tell me how violent Syracuse schools are…..except he said the same thing I did.  Basically the only time you saw cops in the schools was because it was Jobs day and someone’s cop daddy was there to talk about his job…..if a kid got out of hand they sic’ed the PE teacher on him/her and called the kids parents.  Cops only got called if there was blood involved.

Now I didn’t do any research before this post, so maybe Syracuse schools have a more violent reputation now’a’days then we’re aware, but I can’t recall any blood-baths at a school here making the news in the last few years.  And I DO recall several news reports from across the nation of kids getting arrested for nothing more than drawing on desks, so you know what?  Syracuse get over it.  Put 911 on speed dial if you’re that concerned, but maybe its time to tell the parents to actually PARENT their kids instead of coddle them, and stop insisting that being “pushed around” is violence.