Today’s links

Your car come with Onstar?  Might want to make sure you REALLY canceled that account….

THIS is how you handle a grizzly.  Ok, a high powered rifle from a safe distance would be even better, but I’ll take it.

Fark headline: Virginia looks at classifying Claritin-D and Sudafed as more dangerous than Rohypnol, since it’s not like you can make meth out of safe, harmless Rohypnol

Bet you thought YOUR kid was a picky eater!

Fark headline: Perhaps the second time you hit the same house is a good time to evaluate your driving skills

The Indiana Supreme Court is upholding a ruling that Hoosiers cannot resist police officers who enter their homes without warrants………The Indiana Supreme Court’s ruling [Tuesday] means that individuals still have the common law right of reasonable resistance to an unlawful entry, though there is never justification for committing battery against a police officer. In volatile domestic violence situations, police have the right to enter a home to ensure safety of others, but today’s ruling also means the individual has the right to stand against his locked door to protect his home and communicate with police outside without a physical altercation.”  uhuh.

Scientists on trial for Manslaughter after failing to predict an earthquake.  So according to the article, all the people wanted was to be told that there COULD be a big quake, so they could leave….sounds good right? Except since no one can predict WHEN a quake is going to hit, if one hadn’t hit right away then how long do you think it would have been before someone was suing for false info?  Talk about a catch-22.  And really, if you’re getting “minor” rumblers bad enough to feel, then a major quake is a possibility regardless of the scientific data, if only for what you should do for your self preservation’s sake.  Besides, what do you think the chances are of getting enough people with enough scientific know how to be able to understand the data as jurors!