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Ok, so we’re finally shopping for a snow blower.  Shoulda done it sooner, but well, see my previous posts about life, but we’re getting a little close to winter now to be leaving it much longer.  We got away last winter without one, and for the majority of the winter that was tolerable.  Till that big storm back at the beginning of March.  If we’d had a snow blower I’d probably still have not made it to work, but at least Husband probably wouldn’t have been late to his job, and the only reason HE made it to work was his dad came over with the truck and plowed for us (since its a 1/2hr + drive in good weather thats saying something).

So, snow blowers…..the driveway is long, at least 40ft long, and almost that wide at the point closest to the garage and carport.  Partially paved, partially gravel.  I know we need at a two stage model, I’d love a zero turn model (or whatever they call it on snowblowers), but there’s a definite upwards price limit.  Also have to keep in mind that it would be nice if I could manage it myself, but I’m not an especially large person and have very small hands which can sometimes make handling controls interesting.

We’re looking at this one, not not necessarily from Amazon (though its listed with free shipping….).  Any suggestions, advice or whatnot for us?

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  1. We've been looking at the John Deere 1330SE 30″ snowblower to clear our driveway. Here's a link so you too can drool at its magnificance:

    Our last snowblower, an MTD Yard Machine 24″ 10HP finally gave up the ghost at the end of last winter after 11 years of hard use. We decided on the Deere because it will throw snow farther (which we need for the later part of the winter when we start running out of space to put the snow)and because it will let us finish our treacherous driveway in less time.

  2. The Deeres are nice, out of our price range, but nice. I had my eye on an MTD too, maybe I'll go back for another look. Our drive is thankfully flat and level, as is the surroundings, which makes clearing it ever so much easier. I grew up with a steeply sloped drive and it was hell to keep clear enough.

  3. Actually I would suggest staying away from the Yard Machines. While the engine is pretty hardy, we had to do a lot of maintenance to the auger and impeller. But it was rust that really did in our snowblower, causing some structural problems.

    I've had snowblowers last over 20 years, but this one lasted only half that.

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