Way to go UK GSD Rescue….

Not to long back there was a bit of a hoopla in the dog world about the rescue German Shepherd Dog who’d played the part of Padfoot in the Harry Potter movies who now needed a new home for himself and his buddy.  The story was one of those that tugs at the heart strings, so it actually got quite a bit of media time.

I was decidedly pissed when I saw this article though.  Apparently poor Berry and his buddy are to famous now to adopt out.  So they’re no longer up for adoption and will spend more time in foster.  Cause really, what did the Rescue THINK was going to happen when they publized that story?

But oh, its get better.  Turns out Berry WASN’T the dog used for Padfoot, infact it was actually two different Scottish Deerhounds that did the job depending on which movie you’re talking about.  Which actually makes sense, though the dog in the movies was clearly adapted with CGI it shares more resemblance to the Scottish Deerhound than the German Shepherd Dog.

Now I doubt the Rescue was deliberetly lieing.  Most likely Berry’s former owner is the one doing the lying, and making up of excuses for why he can’t care for his dogs, and the Rescue didn’t bother to check.  But that makes their publishing of the information even more suspect.  Way to go, now two elderly dogs are out a forever home, cause Berry’s “to famous”.  Good job.