The incredible memory card

So, I posted on Sunday about how I put my memory card for the trail camera through the wash by mistake.  Since it wasn’t in evidence when the clothes were moved out of the washer or the dryer I figured it’d gotten washed down a pipe and that was the end of that.  I even shook things out as I took them out of the dryer hoping I was wrong about that. But no luck. 

Course, I was in a hurry Sunday, doing far to much on my day off, so the clean clothes never got put away.  It was tshirts and jeans and the like anyway, nothing that was going to be ruined by sitting in the basket a couple extra days, so no big deal.  Then this morning I realized today was Thursday and I’d STILL not put away the clothes, so after I got dressed I dumped them out onto my bed so I’d remember to put them away before I went to bed tonight, and guess what tumbled out of the pile?  The memory SD card!!  Cool! 

Wonder if it still works after having been immersed in soapy water and heated in the dryer?

Plug it into the computer, and hey!  The computer recognizes it!  Even better….THE PICTURES ARE STILL THERE!!!  Sweet!!  So, with no further fuss, the best of the trail camera shots from last week.

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