The lady in the house south of us (the one with the miniature poodle….) informed me today that she saw a fox in her yard yesterday.  I’m less than confident of her ability to correctly ID said fox, but that WOULD explain Apollo’s sudden attention to following trails across the yard and peeing on them in strategic spots this last week or so.

5 thoughts on “Fox?”

  1. Anything is possible although I have found that Fox are usually pretty scarce around houses… does that lady have a backyard chicken coop?

    Coyote are less shy than fox… and are known in these parts for having a taste for mini dogs.

  2. No chickens, but she swears it was reddish gold “almost the color of your dog” (Apollo does look really red in the sun), but also that it was “THIS BIG” with hands held at least 3+ feet apart.

    And yes, I was thinking coyote myself, though the folks we bought the house from told us they'd seen both fox and coyote around, and THEM I trust to have better ID ability. They had fox pelts hung on the wall with the deer antlers, and turkey tails.

  3. Also, though my yard of almost 2acres is mostly clear, her's isn't, and her house IS set back from the road, with a signifigant brush line between the road and house. Plus the area behind us is several hundred acres of wildlife habitat. I'm almost thinking of moving the trail camera to keep an eye on the spot thats bothering Apollo the most, just to see if I get anything.

  4. Maybe the her 3 foot span includes the tail. Foxes are more active this time of year (or least they are seen more around here at this time of year).

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