Seriously EA??

Ok, so a year or two ago I bought Spore to play on my computer.  Enjoyed it, but don’t play it all that often.  Course EA required me to download their manager software to play it, which always drives me nuts, but I’d already bought the game and opened it before I discovered THAT fact so what the heck.

Then just recently EA “updated” their manager software, now named Origin.  And pissed me off again once I read the EULA.  I’ve not played Spore since, cause I’m sure it’ll require me to update to the new software.

One thing I HAD done, not to long before EA did their update, was confirm that my email preferences with them were up to date, basically: DON”T SEND ME A DAMN THING.

So whats in my email box today??  Spam from EA about Battlefield 3. And there isn’t even an “opt out” option in the email.  They get around that by having the line “If you have opted out of Marketing Communications this is the only email you will receive”.

Seriously EA??  Are you TRYING to piss off the world?  I highly doubt I’m the only one looking at that email and thinking “WTF??” 

It gets even better when you realize that the ONLY game I’ve played through them is Spore which is rated E10+, and Battlefield 3 is rated M17+.  Yes, these games are JUST alike!!