Ok, had a total girly freak out moment this morning when, Before Coffee, I discovered that Apollo had picked up two ticks.  Totally gross.  Had the creepy crawlies all day (much to the amusement of my male coworkers), and my husband watched me freakout with a great deal of amusement, and then when I told him he could deal, refused.  Thanks.  At least the vets office will have a tech do it for free.  I’d never even SEEN a tick on a live person/animal before much less removed one!  Ticks are gone, and I’ll be picking up a Tick Twister tomorrow after work!

4 thoughts on “EEEEEWWWWWWWWW”

  1. I hate ticks! Creepy crawlies, indeed.

    I haven't seen any on the cats (then again they are indoors critters) and haven't had one on me in several years. (Knock on wood!) Still get the heebie-jeebies thinking about the last one.

  2. I really hate ticks. Fortunately the flea & tick collars we use seem to do their jobs well. I do, however, replace them every 2 months instead of 5 months (what they claim they work for).

    WS had a tick on his foot a year or two ago. Got a nasty infection from that too.

    Have I mentioned that I really hate ticks?

    Oh yeah, and ticks (or fleas) seen anywhere give me the creepy crawlie feeling that I have them.

    Have I mentioned I hate ticks (adn felas)?

  3. Yah. Totally agree (in case it wasn't obvious).

    We use Revolution for heartworm and fleas (it also does deer ticks), and a Preventic collar for ticks in general. The collars are supposed to last 3 months, and I'd not had an issue before, but maybe this one expired a couple weeks earlier than expected.

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